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Jan 20, 2024Website Optimisation Tips

If you’re offering a place to stay as your business, it goes without saying that it’s essential to be online. Good web design for accommodation should not only be your digital salesperson. It also provides a chance to show just how awesome you are as a business.

Your website isn’t just about you; it’s about telling a story. It’s a chance to have your guest house not get lost in the sea of guest houses. Are you a rustic retreat nestled amidst rolling hills? Let panoramic landscape photos transport visitors to your doorstep. Are you a quirky B&B bursting with vintage charm? Let playful interior shots and kitschy Australiana do the talking. Remember, people connect with emotions, so evoke the sipping a morning coffee to the sounds of cockatoos and kookaburras!

Great websites should represent your business in the best possible light. And hotel and accommodation should be no exception to this rule. Whether you’re operating a cozy bed and breakfast, or a budget-friendly motel, a website is often the first place a guest will go to suss out the quality of your location.

The image you sent me shows a brick walkway leading to a swimming pool in a tropical resort setting. The walkway curves gently through a lush garden filled with palm trees, ferns, and other tropical plants. The pool itself is a deep blue color and is surrounded by lounge chairs and umbrellas. In the background, you can see the ocean and a clear blue sky.

Photo by Castlelass on morguefile.com

What should a web design for an accommodation business include?

Here are the absolute must haves:

  • Your address and contact information.
    • Include at least one working phone number, and a working email address or contact form.
  • Reception operating hours.
  • Room options.
  • Facilities offered to guests.
  • Legal documents, such as terms and conditions, refunds, privacy policy, etc.
  • Clear, uncluttered photos of each room or room type.
  • A responsive design that works flawlessly across all device types: computers, phones, and tablets.
  • Easy navigation and calls-to-action. You should not have to tell people how to use your website!
The image shows a cozy living room with a couch, a wooden coffee table, two wooden armchairs with red cushions, and a birdcage. The couch is positioned in the center of the room, with the coffee table in front of it. The armchairs flank the coffee table on either side.

Photo by Castlelass on morguefile.com

How can you set yourself apart from other guest hosting businesses?

Apart from the essentials, your business can truly stand out with:

  • A unique proposition.
  • Details about surrounding shops and restaurants.
  • Stories about your founding and/or history.
  • SEO-optimised content to help your business stand out in Google Search results.

Your website is often the first time a guest will “meet” your business. Use it as an opportunity to make a good first impression long before they pick up the phone!

If you need help with your website, feel free to reach out!


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