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Frequently asked questions

What kind of ads management services do you offer?
Please see all details about paid ads managment and setup at Online Tree.
Can you teach me Meta/Google Ads?

Oh boy would I love to have capacity to do this! But I don’t.

I would highly recommend The Digital Picnic for comprehensive training on all things digital marketing. Courses are one of the cores of their business!

Can you build/fix my website.

I only offer redesigns for non-eCommerce WordPress sites. For more complicated projects, please see Kim at Online Tree, or Nikki at Studio Nyx for Square/Weebly, Squarespace or Shopify projects.

Can you do/fix my SEO.

I can, but only in a very limited capacity. Please see our partnered SEO service Online Tree for more options.

Can I hire you as my employee?

🤷🏻 You’d need to be a really, REALLY good employer to take me away from what I’m doing.

Do you have any work available for freelancers?


Would you be interested in speaking at my paid event/mastermind group? (unpaid)


Can I submit a guest post on your blog?

Wow, I’d be flattered! I typically only accept this from people in the industry I already know well.

So maybe chat to me at an in-person networking event before pitching this, yeah?