Episode 008: 3 things to do before you hire an ads manager

Apr 4, 2024Podcast

These three things are highly recommended, if not crucial to do before you hire an ads manager. In fact, I’ll most likely turn a prospective client away if they haven’t begun to consider these things.

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Hello, in this episode I would like to discuss three things you need before you hire an ads manager. These three things are knowing your Customer Avatar inside and out, they are trying ads yourself and having some success, and also having conversion measurement.

Now, if you come to me looking for an ads manager and you don’t have these things, I will tell you to get lost. Okay, I might not put it in such a mean way, but there are certain things that I look for in a partnership with the business in order to decide not only if I want to work with them but also if having somebody manage ads is going to be a viable exercise and if it’s going to be something that actually generates a return on investment. If you’re in some kind of weird situation where you don’t really care if the money you spend is making some back and you want to run ads for your own vanity, sure, that’s okay. It’s not really what most of us are doing though.

So let me talk about those three things.

1. Knowing Your Customer Avatar

So one, knowing your customer Avatar. Two, having tried ads yourself. And three, having good conversion tracking in place. So let’s start with the customer avatar. What am I talking about here? Well, there’s lots of people out there with businesses and lots of messages day in and out online on the internet, so many things fighting for our attention. And something that I’ve come to know from my marketing mentors and the people that I love following is that the more that you deeply understand your customer, the more you can create resonance with them and then the more successful your online campaigns will be. I’m saying that in quite a simple way and there’s actually a lot of layers to this and I won’t go into it too much because there are people who can explain this way better, one of them being Tash Corbin. I may even include a link in this in the notes for this episode.

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But yeah, one of the things that causes wasted money in ad campaigns is not knowing who you’re talking to and not crafting the creative or the ad and the offer appropriately. I find it very hard, very challenging to run ads for someone who doesn’t really have a clearly identified person, by person I mean Target customer, because what’s going to happen is that if you try to speak to everyone you speak to no one. It’s going to be a very expensive exercise to try and create an ad creative and then also money in the campaign to try and get something that’s got Mass Appeal to everyone. Companies like Apple, they’ve got the budget to create marketing copy and images and videos and such that appeals to everybody but if you’re a small business and maybe you’ve got really tight budgets and tight margins you really want to make sure that you’re getting bang for buck out of your advertising and the way to do this the way to cut through the noise is to really understand who you’re talking to and what your value proposition is.

Yeah, you if you don’t get these things right people are just going to ignore you, you’re not going to stop the scroll but if you do if you do understand who we’re talking to then yeah we can craft some very impactful campaign and and media to share with them.

2. Having Tried Ads Yourself

So on to the next thing which is having done ads yourself. I think it’s cool if you’ve never done ads before and you want to get someone to help, that’s fine just be aware of the costs I’m not going to talk too much about it a lot of people who have never run ads before and then approach me asking what the investment is or what the cost is they kind of just get blown away and disappear because it’s a lot higher than what they were expecting.

So this is why I suggest if you play around a little bit with like a a couple of hundred dollars just to see what you’re getting yourself into and what kind of results that you get I think this will put you in a better place to reaching out to someone to help you with ads.

Once you understand what sort of impact a couple of hundred dollars can do with how much traffic it brings to your website and how many clicks you get it’s sort of helps you understand the kind of benchmarks to reach for and then further to this if you’ve been experimenting for a while with small budgets and you’ve actually got some traction and success it makes sense then if you want to increase your budgets add more layers to your campaigns it does make sense to hire someone to help you because then that’s that’s an extra brain to help you figure out what to do and where to make adjustments and keep an eye on things.

Because assuming that your early attempts at running ads were successful and it made you more money I would assume also that means that you’re getting more business and having to do more things. So then yeah if you’ve already got some success yeah it gives you some benchmarks and yeah when you want to start spending more money then it really is helpful to have that extra brain, that extra brain space, extra help when the campaigns start getting more complicated and have more layers involved.

3. Get Conversion Measurement Before You Hire An Ads Manager

And so the third thing that I wanted to discuss on this podcast is having conversion measurement. And again, this is something that I think if you have no idea what your conversion rate is of your website then you’re probably not ready at all to run ads.

So what the conversion rate is, for those who may not be aware, is that it’s the percentage of people who actually make a purchase from your website. Or in the case if you’re running a specific campaign to sign up for an event or a freebie, a lead magnet or something like that, it’s the percentage of people who land on your page and actually make that commitment, make that purchase, get that download. So it can vary depending on the situation and the type of business that you have but with e-commerce websites, a healthy conversion rate is 2% or more. So that’s two out of every 100 website visitors making a purchase is actually really healthy.

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If you don’t have that kind of measurement set up or you have no idea what it’s doing then running paid ads especially where you when you’re hiring an ads manager to look after it for you, it’s not going to be beneficial because you’ll have no idea how the ads are impacting your results. It’s really helpful and really important to have confirmation that the ad that you put out there and the dollars that you put into that ad have actually done something and we can track that with conversion measurement but if that’s not there it is going to be a little bit trickier.

Yeah anyway those are my recommendations.

I would encourage you to not get ads with me if your niche your avatar isn’t really defined and if you haven’t had any success with your ads or even with your organic marketing. If you’re struggling with your organic marketing if it’s reaching people but it’s not really getting likes or engagement or purchases that is likely a problem with how you’ve identified your target audience and how you’ve articulated your value. Because if you’ve got something amazing and lifechanging but your audience isn’t getting it it may not be a problem, it may not be that your audience is stupid, don’t call them stupid, you may know that you’ve got a really awesome product that does something but there’s if the messaging isn’t getting through but it is getting seen then there’s a whole separate exercise there in understanding your value proposition, the pain and pleasure points that your audience is looking to solve. Because if you don’t have that sorted and you run ads to a product or a service you’re going to get a lot of wasted money. Yeah, people are not getting it and you run ads to something that people are not interested in buying then that’s just going to be wasted money and I would like to help you avoid wasting money.

So anyway I really hope that this podcast listening to this was a good use of your time. I’m really excited to share tips like this because I feel like if we understand things better and if we target and strategize appropriately then ads certainly can bring a return on investment and not be a waste of money. So I hope this was helpful to you.

If you’d like to know more about what your website needs and what your business needs before running ads I’ve actually got a really good resource that I’ve done in collaboration with my agency called Online Tree. It’s called the Ads Readiness Checklist. It is free, it is a comprehensive guide and checklist telling you what you need before you start running ads to your website. I highly recommend checking it out because it was written by two very brilliant web and marketing people.

Yeah, I’ll provide a link to that in the notes of this episode but yeah do feel free to get in touch if you’ve got any questions about Facebook ads whether or not your website or your business is ready. Because again I love speaking about this, I love helping where I can. I want to, it makes me happy when paid ads actually generate results and bring you what you need and not just throwing money down the drain. So until next time, I look forward to speaking more about Facebook ads and teaching you stuff. Bye for now.

➡️ Where Next? Get the free Ads Readiness guide, before you hire an ads manager! Thanks from Online Tree!


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