Learn About Paid Ads with Me, Tuesday Talks With Darleen

Jul 18, 2023Strategy

I’m excited to announce that my fun and eye-opening chat with Darleen has been released. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to hang out with me, and see what treasures are inside my marketing/tech/creative brain, this is one way to do so. Take a peek in my head and learn about paid ads with me.

Darleen and I discuss showing up online in an authentic way, and making the best of what you can use right now. Also, Darleen’s show provides a great space to just be yourself and let a conversation flow, without it feeling scripted. 🤗

20 minutes of insightful conversation! And yes, you can learn a little bit of paid ads in this webisode.

Watch/listen here: TT S2 Ep 85 Special Guest Lou Kozlevcar


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