Work Experience

Lou Kozlevcar - Lead Event Coordinator & Digital Marketer

I’ve helped businesses grow into iconic names, and helped arts & culture events grow their attendee numbers.

Do you believe you have untapped potential? 💎⛏️

Or are you waiting for the “chance” or “someday” to make it big?

Event Organisation

Project management. Volunteer recruitment. Internal and external relationship management.

Digital Marketing

Organic and paid promotion strategies for B2C, ecommerce, and events.

Google Ads (Adwords)

I help put businesses in front of the right audiences, and become more iconic (and therefore, more profitable!)
“Lou was seriously so helpful! A detailed list and explanation of what I can improve to create a beautiful and capturing website allowed me to see beyond my untrained eye and instead hear a professional’s view point. I feel so much more confidence to trust myself in my creative process and no longer get stuck on tiny details that don’t matter in the long run. Thank you Lou!”
Juliette Jones

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For a full list of my paid and voluntary work experience, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

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You're welcome to get in touch if you are a past client, or want to ask a question about marketing your business or gaming event. ✌🏻