New to understanding how SEO works for your business? Don’t worry! We’ve all been there at some point. (Yes, even myself.) SEO resources come in all different shades and price points, which can be super helpful, or next-to useless.

Although I currently cannot offer you SEO services, I don’t want to see you fall down a rabbit hole of bad advice…

Nor do I want you getting disadvantaged by shady operators! (For whatever reason, some shady business people like to take advantage of the layman’s lack of knowledge of SEO. At best, these people won’t move the needle much at all. At worst, they may use outdated practices that do more harm than good!)

But there is hope!

Listed below are a handful of SEO resources and service providers that I actually trust, and have been instrumental in my discovery of best practices:

Kate Toon – New to SEO and want to learn? Start here! Kate Toon is one of the most trusted and no-nonsense SEO educators around.

Yoast – This is a great place to learn how to apply the basics of SEO to your website.

Search Engine Journal & Search Engine Land – These websites share up to date news and knowledge in the world of SEO.

Infinite Ace – Looking for an SEO practitioner to do the work for you? Yos and his team are highly recommended!

Nat Alleblas (SEO Sleuth) – Another great SEO person I trust and admire.

🌞 Please consider saving or sharing this post if you found these SEO resources helpful! Kate Toon has never steered me wrong so far!