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Hey there lovely business owner!

Don’t know where to begin when it comes to marketing your business online?

As a service-based business owner, you’re likely aware that marketing is essential to your success. But when it comes to online marketing, things can seem overwhelming. How do you reach potential customers in a crowded digital space? How do you stand out among the competition? And how do you know your efforts are working? In this free training session, we’ll explore some solutions to these challenges and offer a method for mastering online marketing for your service-based business.

What’s covered in the free training?


The Problem

How do you get noticed and stand out?
How do you know your efforts are working?

The Solution

The key to mastering online marketing for your service-based business is to develop a targeted and consistent approach.

The Method

The steps you can take to master online marketing for your service-based business.


Do's and Don'ts

… and questions!

Where and when?

The free 1 hour session will be delivered as a pre-recorded video. This is so that you can watch it at your own lesiure.

It will be available online, delivered to your email inbox at 10:00AM on Monday, April 3, 2023 (Australian Eastern Time).

Lou Kozlevcar Google Ads Specialsit Melbourne

Meet your digital business consultant!

Hi, I’m Lou (they/them)! I’m a highly skilled event project manager and digital marketer based in Melbourne, with Google certifications and an impressive track record of success. I’m dedicated to helping businesses create effective digital marketing strategies and build beautiful websites that their clients can be proud of.

I’ve heard from so many ladies who are frustrated in their situation – believing that they’re “stupid” for not intuitively knowing the ins-and-outs of marketing their small business.

I’m here to tell you that just because you saw someone else whizzing about like a duck on water with their computer, doesn’t mean you were born with the ability to do it too!

So pre-register for my free trianing to help you gain a deeper understanding of how everything works!

The Digital Picnic

Lou has been trained by women-led digital marketing experts at The Digital Picnic, Melbourne.

WP Elevation Digital Business Consultant

Lou has completed the WP Elevation Blueprint Course for WordPress Consultants — High level competency in consulting principles, process, and communication.

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