Lou Kozlevcar - Lead Event Coordinator & Digital Marketer

Hi there!

Have you come here looking for a “go-to-girl”* to solve all your website problems?

I’m sorry to say, I’m not that… Well not exactly!

I used to be a freelance web designer, but not anymore.

Lately I have been passionately involved with the Melbourne gaming community. If you’ve been to Conquest Games Convention, you might’ve seen me there! (Because I help run it!)

If you’d like me to help out with your gaming event in Melbourne, I’d love to hear from you!

👉🏻  Tap here to open a dialogue with me.

Need marketing help?

Presently, I’m employed full time by an agency. So if you want my paid ads or website expertise, you have to go through them.

And well, you get a whole team of digital experts, in addition to me! It’s actually a lot better value than hiring each person separately as a freelancer!

👉🏻 So, if I’ve not lost you, and you’re not stressed about working with an agency, then awesome! Tap here to open a dialogue with me.

* I’m not actually a girl, but I do present as female, so I can see how that might cause confusion! (I’m non-binary and I use gender-neutral they/them pronouns.) 😄

Lou Kozlevcar melbourne freelance web designer

“As the Current President of Conquest have seen first hand the work Lou has done to increase the online presence of our convention. With their help we have reached a wider community and increased our attendance as well as the effectiveness of our advertising dollars.”

Bryce Bannon

Organising Committee President, Conquest Games Inc.

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You're welcome to get in touch if you are a past client, or want to ask a question about marketing your business. ✌🏻





Attention! I’m soon to be operating under Online Tree.

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