Hello! I’m Lou (they/them pronouns). I’m a local of Brunswick, Victoria. This place is known for its vibrant arts, cozy cafes, and community feel.

I’ve been working in the digital marketing space since 2011. I started my career as a WordPress theme developer, but soon came to embrace the “ecosystem” of one’s digital presence. These days I have a strong interest in Google Ads, and looking at your digital presence holistically.

A good digital presence doesn’t start or end at a website.

You need to get your customers there, turn them into loving fans, and give them reasons to come back.

With changing algorithms, twisting social media trends, emerging technologies, and regulatory updates – there’s always something new going on in digital marketing to keep me interested!

Carving a different path

Not gonna name names… But there’s something so icky about being employed in some marketing agencies (especially those with men on their leadership team) – And I feel like that ick factor is felt on the receiving end of the small business owner… 🤢 And I just couldn’t be part of that. I just can’t stand seeing small business owners taken for a ride, being left in the dark about their marketing results, and being up/sold things they don’t actually need.

That’s why I wanted to carve my own path.

But enough about me! What I want to do is help your business get its rightful place on Google Search results, Facebook feeds, and have a website that you can be proud of. All with the aim of growing your business at the pace you want, and without making your marketing feel icky. ✨

Looking forward to more good things! 😎